Sunday, January 10, 2010

Local Interest: Biking and Blogging

Baton Rouge native and Georgetown University graduate Evan Villarrubia has embarked upon a year-long bicycling trip through China. After graduating from Georgetown with a degree in Chinese, he worked in Beijing for an American construction company in order to save money for his trip. There, he met his traveling partners: Andy Keller, a fellow American, and Alexis Lerognon, from France.

Villarrubia's blog chronicles his quest to observe the everyday lives of the "laobaixing" ("LBX"), or common people: children playing in parks, men flying kites, migrant workers, and villagers. Having departed from Beijing, the journey is taking the three along the southeastern coast of China to the southwest, then up through Tibet and Inner Mongolia and back to Beijing.

A recent hometown article about Villarrubia appears here:

And the link for his blog may be accessed here:

For anyone wondering exactly how far a degree in Chinese can take you, the answer is more than 7000 miles. True cycling afficionados will also appreciate the discussion of more technical matters!

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